About WARRIORS, the University of Tokyo Athletic Conference American Football Team

The University of Tokyo's American Football Club, WARRIORS, was founded in 1964 and is now one of the largest athletic clubs on campus, with approximately 150 members.



Since its founding, the club has always aimed for a higher stage, and in 1989 was promoted to the first division league, and in 1996 finished second in the league and participated in the playoffs. After the reorganization of the league, the team had belonged to the lower block of the First Division League for a long time, but from 2019, they will play in the upper block for the first time. With the goal of becoming the No. 1 team in Japan, all members of the club are working together to practice every day.


Since 2017, the club has undergone a number of leading reforms in the world of university sports, including the establishment of a support corporation to strengthen the governance system, the enhancement of the coach and staff system to ensure safe and secure practice operations, and the improvement of facilities. This was done in order for Todai students, most of whom are beginners in football, to compete on equal terms with the top schools, many of which have more experienced players. We aim to become the best in Japan by compensating for our lack of athletic experience with efficient and high quality practice.



The philosophy of the WARRIORS is "Football that opens up the future. Through the experience of earnestly aiming to be the best in Japan with many friends, students will grow as human beings and open up their own future. In the future, they will open up the future of society as a whole. In addition, the reformation of WARRIORS itself will become a model for the reformation of university sports and society as a whole, opening up the future of society. In order to make this great vision a reality, we will push forward with single-minded determination to win one game and become the best in Japan.